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Lance Sloves:

computer forensic examinerLance Sloves was formerly employed by the US Government as a Special Agent and Consultant with First Advantage Litigation Consulting (Corefacts) and Grant Thornton LLP.  In addition to his duties at Computer Forensic Services, Inc. Mr. Sloves has been an instructor for the US State Department where he trained foreign law enforcement.  Mr. Sloves passed a Top Secret - SSBI US Government Clearance. Mr. Sloves has a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology and holds certifications as a Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) and Encase Certified Examiner (ENCE).  Mr. Sloves is a Certified CelleBrite UFED Mobile Phone Examiner.  Mr. Sloves has completed hundreds of examinations and forensically imaged over 1000 computers and other devices.  Mr. Sloves has qualified as an Expert in the State of Texas in both Civil and Criminal matters, and Federal Court. Mr. Sloves can be reached at (214) 306-6470 ext. 801.

Curriculum Vitae

Certified Computer Examiner Excellence Award