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Computer Forensic and Cell Phone Services - Criminal Defense
CFSI provides counsel with a wide variety of services such as data acquisition, recovery, evidence gathering, analysis and expert testimony for your clients. We can also examine mobile phones that include iPhones', Android Phones, Blackberry's and other mobile devices.  These services are used by both private counsel as well as State and Federal Public Defender systems. "We have had cases dismissed."
criminal defense child porn investigation  

Cases we are frequently retained for are criminal defense cases that involve persons charged with criminal possession and/or distribution of child pornography and White Collar crimes. We accept court appointments as Expert Witness and work with Public Defenders Offices in Sate and Federal Court.

We have an accepted examination protocol with the State of Texas and US Government that is consistent with the Adam Walsh Act and the State of Texas Adam Walsh.

We will assist you throughout the process interpreting the governments processes and technical jargon.

Our criminal defense support and technical services include:

  • Review, comment and interpret the Government Pre-Sentencing Report.
  • Review and comment of any search warrant, witness statements, indictment and police reports; including government forensic reports
  • Review of the methods and procedures used by law enforcement in the execution of any warrant and subsequent handling and processing of electronic media to ensure such work was done in according with DOJ guidelines and generally accepted procedures for this type of work
  • Review of all electronic evidence including data searching, filter and consolidation of data, e-mail's and files from any type of media including hard drives, backup tapes, CD-ROM, floppy disks, Zip disks, dongles, cell phones, thumb drives, DVD's, cameras, etc.
  • Review of Email, chat, image, movie and other data to determine sources and authenticity
  • Professional preparation which demonstrate fact, methods and results of the electronic discovery process
  • Develop effective discovery demands based on defendant's needs and budget
  • Help determine the optimal balance between legal and technical strategies
  • Execute a case-specific plan for discovery quickly and cost-effectively
  • Identify precedents and assist in motion development
  • Preparation of client witnesses
  • Develop exhibits to support testimony and defense

    To discuss in further details please contact us.