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Computer Forensic and Cell Phone Forensic Services - Corporate and Private

CFSI provides individuals with data acquisition, data recovery and evidence gathering. Each client has different needs and each case is unique. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions about how we may assist you.

As the first course of business, do not turn on any computing equipment which may need to be examined. Even powering on a computing device will alter and possibly destroy data. If you need to turn equipment off, PULL THE POWER PLUG - do NOT perform the normal system shutdown procedure!

Most people who have something to hide from someone else believe that deleting an Email or file, or, hiding these files will protect them from being discovered. CFSI can search areas of the computer which cannot be normally accessed using conventional means.

Below is an example of common issues we can assist you with:

  • Divorce, child custody and other marital issues where one spouse has deleted, altered or protected computer information from being seen by the other party, discovery of hidden and deleted Email's, pictures, documents, spreadsheets and other data
  • Family, children, child custody and marital issues pertaining to computer usage, pornography, Internet usage, file downloading, "chat room" history, Email history, computer program usage, discovery of hidden and deleted files
  • Removal of pornography, illegally obtained software such as music and video files, and, other data of this type from computers
  • Persons involved in civil litigation as the defendant or plaintiff in cases related to sexual harassment, theft of company data, improper termination of employment and other civil matters of this type
  • Detection and removal of "spyware". Spyware typically sends data from your computer over the Internet to another location and may include every keystroke you type, passwords and/or other data personal data. Spyware hides in the computer and most users have no knowledge it is running
  • Recovery of deleted data such as business/financial files, movies, pictures and other data which you can no longer find on your media

You must have a legal right to access the computer in question before we will perform any work. If you are not sure whether or not you have a right to access the computer in question we strongly suggest you contact an attorney for advice.

If you are involved in civil litigation and the computer or data device in question is owned by a company or other person,  will work with your attorney and attempt to obtain a court order to allow us access to the needed equipment and data.

CFSI recommends that you have the disc drive(s) removed by an experienced computer technician and shipped to us. We can also provide on-site service at your location for an additional cost.