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Computer Forensic and Cell Phone Forensic Services - Civil Litigation

CFSI provides expert analysis and witness services for all types of civil litigation involving any type of data. Computers, cell phones, digital cameras, PDA's and digital video are a few examples of media we work on.

We have trial experience in cases such as data theft by former employees/partners, violation of non-compete agreements, misuse of business computing equipment, E-Mail fraud, hacking and security. Each client has different needs and each case is unique. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions about how we may assist you.

Our support and technical services include:

  • Electronic evidence acquisition, search, filter and consolidation of data, e-mail's and files from virtually any type of media including hard drives, backup tapes, CD-ROM, floppy disks, Zip disks, dongles, smart phones and other mobile devices, sd cards, thumb drives and other media.
  • Reduce risk of loss of original media as evidence can be processed onsite at your facility if desired
  • Expert investigators skilled at acquiring and delivering evidence from hostile and friendly environments
  • Experience with all e-mail and file types including deleted, encrypted and protected materials
  • Professional preparation demonstrates fact, methods and results of the electronic discovery process
  • Permanent deletion (beyond recovery) of sensitive business data stored on hard drives

Below is an example of common issues we can assist you with:

  • Inappropriate computer use by employees, including Emails, web site history, pornography and more. Use of business computers and systems for personal or other work unrelated to company business
  • Theft of company data
  • Sexual harassment via Email, instant messaging and other forms of electronic communications
  • Development and review of company policies pertaining to computing equipment use
  • Covert monitoring of employee computers or other processing equipment (subject to law and policies) for gathering information
  • Recovery of deleted files
  • Lost password recovery and cracking of locked files
  • Discovery of hidden and delete Email's, pictures, Internet usage and unauthorized software installed on a company
  • Removal of viruses, pictures, software and other data items which may be hidden from the user
  • References to attorneys experienced in litigating cases involving computer data
  • Extraction and analysis of data from Smart phones and other mobile devices.

If you are involved in civil litigation and the computer or data device in question is owned by another entity, CFSI will work with your attorney and attempt to obtain a court order to allow us access to the needed equipment and data while protecting the privacy of the other party(s).