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Computer Forensic, Cell Phone Forensic and Cloud Based Forensic Imaging

We conduct "computer forensic imaging" of computers and Cellular Devices either on site or at our business premises.  We use the latest software and hardware devices to collect, preserve and document the collection of your evidence.  We can collect a single device or hundreds.

We conduct these services nationwide.  We have conducted data collections of many types of devices to include Workstations/Laptops, Servers, Sharepoint, USB devices, Cell Phone's, PDA's, Blackberry's, iPad's, iPhone's, iCloud, GPS devices, CD's, DVD's and Voicemail servers.

Collections can be made from the Cloud, where more and more data is being stored.  Typical data collections from the Cloud include, Google Apps and Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail and Others.  We can also do collections from Dropbox, SugarSync, Sky Drive, Carbonite and Others.

We have the proper tools and expertise to collect data from over 140 different Apple computers.

We can collect full binary images of Smartphone's such as iPhone's and Android operating system devices for over 1000 phones.  CFSI can collect phone data from over 8000 total different phones.

We can scale from large to small imaging jobs quickly and efficiently in Texas and can coordinate collections across the United States through our professional network.

We can assist in strategizing forensic imaging and advise how to properly collect data using complete forensic imaging to selective file and/or folder logical imaging insuring the integrity of your data.

We can now create "Cleansed Forensic Images"

Cleansed images are complete forensic images with the exception of files that were specifically hidden, whose clusters are zeroed out in the image or overwritten with a certain pattern. All other data is copied to the image normally. Ideal in Litigation and countries whose legislation or case specially protects the most private personal data of individuals and certain data acquired from custodians of professional secrets (e.g. lawyers and physicians, whose profession swears them to secrecy/confidentiality).

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