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iPhone and Android Data Recovery of SMS, MMS and iMessages including chip off, JTAG and ISP.

Cell Tower Location Analysis

DVR Video Preservation, Recovery and Analysis

Hardware and Cloud based Email data collections for Office 365, Google, Yahoo,

Voted a Top Computer Forensic Company in Dallas by the Texas Lawyer for 2010 and 2012.....

Since 2002, Computer Forensic Services, Inc., has been providing cost effective, end to end and reliable "Expert" electronic evidence, bringing together Data Collection, Processing, Analysis, Reporting and Testimony to business, legal and government organizations. We analyze Windows and Apple (Macbook) operating systems. We conduct Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry (Smartphone) and Cell Phone analysis.  We have real world experience. We have qualified as "Experts" in Federal and State courts and all examiners are Certified Computer Examiners (CCE) , Certified CelleBrite UFED Mobile Phone Examiner and licensed as private investigators in the State of Texas. Our examiners have completed background checks. We  specialize in Labor and Employment, Business Disputes, Fraud, Family and Criminal litigation. We have been involved in cases involving Millions of Dollars.  We accept Special Master and Expert appointments to Federal and State criminal & civil cases.  We work for Public Defenders Offices in both Federal and State court.

Affordable Cell Phone Text Message Retrieval from iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Devices.

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CS Disco Channel Partner for the Highest Level and Performance of Online Legal Review! Flat Price Data Review, Productions and Unlimited Users. Predictive costs throughout your litigation.



At Computer Forensic Services, Inc., we conduct simple eDiscovery document processing and hosting to complicated forensic investigations, both "large and small scale" of desktop computers and servers, laptop computers, Android's, iPhones, Blackberry's and Cell Phones to obtain evidence vital to civil litigation and criminal matters. We are regularly involved in cases involving suspected spoliation and destruction of electronic evidence, human resource investigations, frauds, embezzlement, improper termination, copyright infringement, theft of intellectual property, divorce and other legal areas. We use cutting edge software to deliver your results using software such as Encase, XWays, Black Bag, Cellebrite and Forensic ToolKit.

We can deliver your computer and mobile phone work product "Forensically and Investigatively Sound" in native file format or Tiff/PDF with bate stamp prepared in a load file with your preferred legal database format Summation; Concordance; Ringtail and other. We can also provide an "Expert" report consistent with industry standards on a case by case circumstance.

We assist in pre-litigation consulting, meet and confers, Texas Rule 11 Agreements, identifying opposing parties computer systems, validating computer evidence, depositions, hearings, and at trial.  We act as Special Masters.

Computer Forensic Services, Inc. capabilities include pre-litigation eDiscovery consulting, forensically sound electronic media imaging and analysis; metadata recovery; E-mail review; De-duplication of Email; analysis of user activities, Internet usage timelines; bypassing password-protected files; and computer usage and deletions; online legal review and production. We provide accurate findings in an understandable manner.

We collect data and report on Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Cell phones.  We can find deleted text messages, contacts, call records, App activity, Email from  those devices including Blackberry's, Android and iPhone's.

Our data acquisition and analysis services can be performed either at your business, home or at Computer Forensic Services, Inc. premises. No travel time charged for local work in Dallas - Fort Worth areas.

We offer "Social Networking Profiling" investigations and preservations.  We research over 80+ Social Networking sites and return a complete report of our findings.  We can also preserve Public Social Web Site content to assist you in your litigation or investigation.

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We offer Spanish translation services to review data!

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